Sabre 5.0 MK3 Stream Crossfire, Level 2

Sabre 5.0 MK3 Stream Crossfire, Level 2

Sabre Cell Buster MK9, without Hose & Wand

Sabre Cell Buster MK9, without Hose & Wand

Sabre MK9 Fogger, Level 1

Security Equipment Corp. Sabre Red Pepper Spray, Fogger Delivery, MK9 Size - 1 PER BOX

SABRE’s MK-9 was designed for crowd management and cell extractions and can be carried in cruisers or with a convenient thigh holster. High Volume Streamers, Foggers, and Gel can fire up to 25' – 30'.Foam models fire up to 12' – 15'. SABRE’s MK-9 Streamers & Foggers contain 16.0 & 18.5 oz. up to 4.5 oz. more than the competition! SABRE’s biggest advantage eliminates OC failures which occur due to bad batches. Security Equipment Corporation, the only OC manufacturer operating an in-house HPLC Laboratory, ensures capsaicinoid consistency in every canister. YOU WANT RELIABILITY, NOT VARIABILITY and the SABRE brand is the only brand guaranteeing its heat levels! Eliminate failures due to missed target acquisition! The natural OC pigment permits identification of contact area confirming if a second more accurate shot is required and shows where not to touch. With a 5-Year shelf life and more ounces per canister, SABRE is your crowd control go-to!


• ISO 9001:2008 Certification

• Independent Laboratory Health Tests

• Successful Track Record for Over Four Decades

• Identify subjects up to 48 hours post contamination

• UV Dye is detectable on both skin and clothing

• Increased Target Acquisition

• Extended Shelf Life (5 Years)

• EID Compatible (Taser and Stun Devices)

• SABRE = 100% Guaranteed Consistent HEAT Every Time

• SABRE = ZERO failures due to bad batches

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ManufacturerSecurity Equipment Corp.
Manufacturer Part#910060-C
Unit of MeasurementEach
Quantity Per Box1
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