MK3 Crossfire Pepper Spray

SEC 52CFT10 Sabre Red Crossfire MK3 Stream, Level 3, 1 Each

NIK TEST G - Cocaine, Crack or Free Base

NIK TEST G - Cocaine, Crack or Free Base

NIK TEST F - Acid Neutralizer

Forensics Source NIK® Test F Presumptive Drug Test, Acid Neutralizer White Color Compact Size - 10 PER BOX

An ideal and trusted solution for Law Enforcement Officers out on-duty! The NIK® Polytesting System was designed to rapidly identify substances suspected of being illegal drugs. Users of the system begin with a general test and, through a series of tests, can presumptively identify major drugs of abuse. New in each of the NIK tests are complete instructions, including the Identidrug™ Chart for a quick reference to guide you through the process of identifying a specific drug.

• Acid Neutralizer, for use upon completion of each test

• 10 Individual Tests per Box

More Information
ManufacturerForensics Source
Manufacturer Part#800-6076
Unit of MeasurementBox
Quantity Per Box10
LegendPolice Line Do Not Cross, Yellow
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