Handi-Lift - 4 X 4 Inch White

Handi-Lift - 4 X 4 Inch White

White Gel Lifter - 5.2

White Gel Lifter - 5.2" X 7.2"

Handi-Lift - 4 X 4 Inch Black

Forensics Source Handi-Lift Hinge-Lifter Black Color 4" x 4" Size - 12 PER BOX

Never worry about separate lifting and backing cards again! Handi-Lifts™ have two parts connected by a hinge. There is the pre-cut section of tape and the matching size backing card. The two parts are connected like a book so you will always have the right size backing card to match the size of tape. Designed for field or in-station use, these hinge-lifters by Handi-Lifts™ are a fantastic solution for law enforcement officers and personnel!  Handi-Lifts™ are available in three sizes and three colors of backing cards. Use the different sizes to pick up latent prints of varying sizes. The smallest Handi-Lifts™ is perfect for picking up a single fingerprint, while the largest Handi-Lifts™ are optimal for tape and lift a partial palm or three or four fingerprints close together. Handi-Lifts™   hinge-lifters are available in different colors to allow for the use of different colored powders as applicable to the scene and the technician.

• Available Sizes: 1.5” x 2”, 2” x 4”, and 4” x 4”

• Available Colors: Black, Transparent, White

• 12/Box

More Information
ManufacturerForensics Source
Manufacturer Part#1-2063
Unit of MeasurementBox
MaterialPolypropylene and Cardstock
Quantity Per Box12
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