Decon Cleanse & Soothe, 1 GALLON

Decon Cleanse & Soothe, 1 GALLON

Sabre Pink Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

Sabre Pink Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

Decon Cleanse & Soothe, POK

Security Equipment Corp. Sabre Cleanse & Soothe, Blue Color, 4 OZ. Size - 1 KIT PER BOX

It is impossible to both clean and soothe the skin with a single formula. SABRE DECON effectively uses two unique solutions to combat the effects of chemical agents, prevents reactivation, via exercising or a hot showers, and further contamination of unwanted areas.

Step I: Cleanse, removes chemical agents from the skin, preventing additional penetration into the pores and further spreading to unwanted areas.

Step II: Soothe, moistens cleansed skin treated and dramatically reduces the effects of chemical agents.

Simple, soothed, and done!


• Ideal compact size, (2) 4 ounce bottles

• For use on officers and subjects after deploying chemical agents

• Perfect for clean-up of Cruisers, In-Take Areas, Arsenal Room, EMS

• Decons approximately 6 people

More Information
ManufacturerSecurity Equipment Corp.
Manufacturer Part#SD-40
Unit of MeasurementEach
Size4 OZ.
Quantity Per Box1
LegendPolice Line Do Not Cross, Yellow
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