Methanol-Based Ninhydrin Pump Spray,

Methanol-Based Ninhydrin Pump Spray, 8oz

Black SPR Liquid 500 ML Pump Bottle

Black SPR Liquid 500 ML Pump Bottle

Aqueous Leucocrystal Violet

Forensics Source Aqueous Leucocrystal Violet Solution Brown Color Pint Size - 1 PER BOX

This Aqueous Leucocrystal Violet liquid is used to enhance and develop latent prints stained with blood on porous and nonporous surfaces, it can be used to stain blood marks on shoeprints, swipes and other areas where a suspect or victim walked, was dragged or, somehow, came in contact with the surface. While this solution is an indicator for blood, it may react with other substances not specific to blood. Ideal for forensic teams, the shelf life of this solution before mixing is nine months, but once mixed will last three to six months and needs to be refrigerated.

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ManufacturerForensics Source
Manufacturer Part#1-2736
Unit of MeasurementEach
MaterialPlastic Bottle
Quantity Per Box1
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